Grano Loco, committed coffee roaster

Following numerous trips to countries, regions and families who are coffee growers/producers, it appeared fundamental for Grano Loco to respect the work of these people by committing to a reasoned, healthy, sustainable and perennial culture that arises naturally on a win/win exchange. For a quality coffee, the picking is done by hand to select only ripe cherries. The slow and artisanal roasting is carried out in Annecy in Haute Savoie in the heart of the French Alps.

  • women cafe

    Women have a strong involvement in the world of coffee and represent 70% of the workforce.

    This label is awarded to cooperatives created and owned by women.

    It thus allows them to develop and have a direct impact on their homes and positive effects on the education of their children.

  • forest cafe

    The goal is to find a land conducive to the cultivation of coffee favoring an ecological system, recreating the natural habitat of coffee.

    Enhance the forest to preserve it, plant young coffee trees at the foot of existing trees in order to avoid the extinction of primary forests and thus produce very high quality coffee.

  • Fair for Life

    Fair for life certifies fair trade for coffee producers and farms. (the fair price) This program is aware of the notion of sectors, is committed to acting responsibly throughout the supply chain. Fair, equitable and loyal: the hallmarks of fair trade.

  • Organic coffee

    The goal of organic farming is to respect coffee grown without chemicals on soil that has been free of traces for 5 years. Organic cultivation is carried out manually with natural fertilizers.

    To preserve the label and its purity, an organic coffee cannot be in contact with other non-organic ones.

  • bird-friendly

    This label is intended for farms in Latin America that have a forest habitat with a mixture of foliage suitable for the protection of migratory and endemic birds. By providing foliage coverage, they help fight global warming.

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Sail transportation

Making transport sustainable is a necessity and not a selling point or a communication action!

It's a business decision that goes without saying for us!

Grano Loco's ambition for 2025: at least 50% of the total volume of coffee transported will be by sail.

Belco, much more than a supplier

"87% of the coffees we represent are purchased directly by our teams, in the field.
We choose men before coffees because quality only makes sense to us if it is linked to a history, values ​​and practices that we share. Our job is not marketing, it's sourcing... That's why our coffees all have a story, which we defend on a daily basis!"

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